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Why Asebella Products?

Asebella Products are inspired by Lisa Douglas Gross and Personal Care Chemist and product developer, Kevin Gross. Our mission is provide the latest in chemistry coupled with natural and organic ingredients, herbs, roots and teas to give you the very best products imaginable! Thank you for your continued support as we seek to provide you skin and hair care products your BODY will love.

YOU deserve the very best. Asebella seeks to give it to you every time you use our products.

We have a lot of new products, new packaging and new ideas coming to you and those products are just around the corner. Your favorite products are being reformulated and improved by adding even more organic herbs, roots and teas to your favorite products!!!



Thanks for all your support!!!



Men's Body KitCurly ButterSmooth KittyHand SanitizerFacial Starter KitEczema KitFlawless Youth SerumSmooth Lip BalmDG Men's Lotion


Asebella has proudly helped to take care of your skin and hair since 2009

Covid and the pandemic is still here. Check out the....THE DEFENDER  PAK 

Our "Raise your immune" tea helps to boost your immune system and the Asebella hand sanitizer helps to ward off germs.